Wall stickers

Change your home

Graphics or interesting sentence on the wall can change your home. No matter if its living room, dining room, kitchen or kids room.

Living room

Odmień swój salon i zadziw gości ciekawą grafiką lub intrygującą sentencją. Chnege your living room and impress your guests by interesting graphics or intriguing sentence.

Kids room

Make your child spend time in his/her room with pleasure, put some quote on the wall which will stay in their memory for long, or simply show how much you love them!


Take care of good organisation in your kitchen, stick quote of your favourite cook on the wall or make your guests laugh by funny motto. 

Simple prices

Thanks to simple and clear prices you won’t be surprised by the amount you would have to spend for your sticker.

-You pay just for a length of your sticker and the width is any starting from 5cm to 58cm.

-You pay for every 10cm of starting length. So you can easily estimate overall cost.

-To cut costs, we put all created elements next to each other during cutting, which make the sticker shorter so you pay less. Already cut elements you can easily stick on the wall in estimated places by you. 


The width of the advertisement is any starting from 5cm to 58cm, you pay just for every 10cm of length.

  • Text and one colour logo- £6.99 / 10cm
  • Text and two-colour logo - £6.99 / 10cm for every colour separately
  • Full colour advertisement - contact us
  • Transfer foil/paper - £0.99 / 10cm
  • Taping service - £7.99 / 10cm