Car stickers

Customised vinyl stickers

Car vinyl sticker advertisement is amazing and inexpensive way for your company promotion – its name and logo will can reach huge amount precious – because local – recipients. 


If you want to put your company logo on the car, we have few options for you to choose:

1. One colour logo – simply choose your colour from our pallet of vinyl stickers. Cost of it is the same as cutting letters.

2. Two colours logo – we cut each one separately and count it the same way.

3. Full colour logo – if you have logo with many other colours, we can print it for you on vinyl as a full pallet of your choice. Contact us and we will calculate prices for you.

Easy veneer

If your advertisement contains many small elements, we can use transfer foil or paper for better process of taping, which will put all elements in exact location in the sentence, same as on the print. Cost of transfer foil or paper you will find below.

Taping by us​

If you do not have time or patience to do it yourself, we can do it for you in good price.

Check our offer

Go to our e-shop and choose one of the option. If you can’t find what you are looking for, contact us and we will prepare customised offer for you.

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