Mug, bottles, cup, glass stickers

Your company advertisement

Attractive, personalised mugs in your company as a interesting and inexpensive way of its promotion. You can use them at your firm’s place or dedicate them as a gadgets for your clients. That is much more effective advertisement than common business card kept in wallets. 

Interesting gift

That kind of mug will create great memories of special gift. You can give it to your relatives or friends because of many occasions and reasons:

  • Mother's or Father's Day
  • Valentines Day
  • Birthdays
  • Festivals, such as Christmas or Easter
  • Souvenir from Bournemouth
  • Graduation
  • Or without any particular occasion!

What you can create on your mug

We can prepare mug for you with any chosen text in wide pallets of vinyl with matt or shiny colours.

You can attach infograffic in max three colours. You can send us logo of your company, if you have one, or we can propose some of our ideas for you.

If you need full colours logo, send us your logo and measurements and we will prepare for you some interesting offer.

Laptop stickers

Odmień swojego laptopa i nadaj mu niepowtarzalny charakter. Zabawna naklejka rozśmieszy Twoich znajomych, a logo Twojej firmy będzie wyglądać profesjonalnie na służbowym laptopie.


  • Mug with any chosen text and/or logo - £9.99
  • Any chosen text and/or logo on delivered mug by you - £2.99
  • Logo "Full colour" - contact us

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