Shop window decals. Hairdresser project 1. Customised

£49.99 per sq m

Total Area (sq m)
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Change your hair salon and attract new customers.

You can change graphics, colours and text.

Check our colour palette.

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Black Gloss, Black Matt, Blue Gloss, Blue Matt, Bright Blue Gloss, Bright Blue Matt, Brown Gloss, Brown Matt, Brushed Gold Gloss, Brushed Silver, Brushed Silver Gloss, Burgundy Gloss, Burgundy Matt, Fire Red Gloss, Fire Red Matt, Frosted Matt, Gold Gloss, Gold Matt, Grass Green Gloss, Grass Green Matt, Green Gloss, Green Matt, Grey Gloss, Grey Matt, Lemon Yellow Gloss, Lemon Yellow Matt, Light Blue Gloss, Light Blue Matt, Light Green Gloss, Light Green Matt, Light Grey Gloss, Light Grey Matt, Light Pink Gloss, Light Pink Matt, Light Purple Gloss, Light Purple Matt, Magenta Gloss, Magenta Matt, Medium Blue Gloss, Medium Blue Matt, Orange Gloss, Orange Matt, Plum Gloss, Plum Matt, Purple Gloss, Purple Matt, Red, Red Gloss, Red Matt, Silver Gloss, Silver Matt, Teal Gloss, Teal Matt, White Gloss, White Matt, Yellow Gloss, Yellow Matt


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