Shop windows signs

Shop window is a showcase of your business

Interesting shop window of your firm can attract potential clients. It is worth taking care of your business place appearance.

First impression counts the most

Your shop window make the first impression of your business which clients will definitely notice. If they are immaculate and taking care of, interestingly created and intrigue, then you can be sure that potential clients will drop by.

Huge amount of colours

We offer huge choice of stickers colours, as well as mat as shiny. We can print sign in full colour for a special request. 

Simple prices

You won’t be surprised by advertisement costs due to the simple and clear prices. 

-You pay just for length of the advertisement. Width can be chosen by you, starting from 5cm to 58cm.

-You pay for every started 10cm of length. You can then simply calculate how the total cost will be.

-To be able to lower costs, we put created elements next to each other while cutting, and that is why the length of advertisement is smaller and you pay less. When you cut your elements, you can easily locate on your shop window in your chosen places.

Easy veneer

If your advertisement contains many small elements, for easier taping on the shop window we can use transfer foil or paper, which will put all elements in exact places as on the print. You can check transfer foil or paper cost below.

Taping by us

Jeśli nie czujesz się na siłach aby samemu nakleić sobie wycięte przez nas naklejki na witrynę, możemy zrobić to za Ciebie. Jeśli witryna znajduje się na wysokości do 3m od ziemi, możesz wybrać naklejanie od zewnątrz lub od środka. Jeśli witryna znajduje się powyżej 3m, oferujemy wyłącznie naklejanie od wewnątrz. Koszt oklejenia znajdziesz w cenniku poniżej. If you have no time, will or patience to do it by yourself


Width of your advertisement might be chosen by you starting from 5cm to 58cm, you pay just for every 10cm of length.

  • One colour sign or logo - £6.99 / 10cm
  • Two or three colours logo - £6.99 / 10cm / per colour
  • "Full colour" advertisment - contact us
  • Transfer foil/paper - £0.99 / 10cm
  • Usługa oklejenia - £7.99 / 10cm